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64 Bit Support - Kinvey.js


regarding to the new guidelines fo apple, every app has to be 64bit "ready" if you wanna push it through the store since 1. feb 2015.

I am using the backbone.js lib with titanium alloy.


Titanium shows me an error, that the module (kinvey.js) doesn't have the right architecture.

Error from Titanium:

> [ERROR] : Script Error Couldn't find module: kinvey_1_1_9.js for architecture: x86_64


Any Idea ?! (Fast help would be great :) )

best, Nico


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are looking into this issue now and will be getting back to you with more information as it becomes available.


Can you take a look at this guide and let me know if you're able to build with 64-bit as a target?

The "problem" is - the library from kinvey is just a js. file not a really xcode module - or am i getting something wrong?

I don't have a clue, how to combine these things.

We're still unsure why xCode is giving you this error. As you're aware, Javascript is not a compiled language so there is nothing stopping it from being 64-bit in nature (since it is just plain text and isn't reliant on any client-side architecture). We are looking into the cause of your problem and will get back to you as soon as possible.

That would be great! Cause at the moment it's not possible to upload any new app/update using Kinvey to the iTunes Store.

Can you create us a sample app of this error and toss it on github? That will save us the issue of having to reproduce the issue.



I can't say if it works with the newest Kinvey SDK, cause of the problem mentioned in another post in this forum.

So i used my old SDK - and the error is:

> Script Error Couldn't find module: jsOAuth-1.3.3 for architecture: i386

> [ERROR] : Script Error Module "Kinvey-backbone" failed to leave a valid exports object

> [ERROR] : ErrorController is up. ABORTING showing of modal controller

Hope this helps.

Best, Nico
Thank you for your help Nico,

For the time being we had another developer that suffered from the same issue say that they were able to work around this by grabbing jsOauth from another source (maybe github? They didn't specify... ).

Could you give that a shot for me? I'll follow up on this issue today.


i have removed all references in the kinvey.js (changing them just to "jsoauth.js" and using the newest version from the github link you mentioned -

works. =)

Nice, I'll let our team know that this might be a quick fix.

Thanks Nico :)
~~are you sure that you are requiring the file as require('kinvey') and not as require('kinvey.js')~~
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