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what is correct way to invoke custom endpoint in Android?

The following section of the BL guide ( suggests we invoke a custom endpoint like this:

1. AsyncCustomEndpoints endpoints = getClient().customEndpoints();

2. endpoints.callEndpoint( etc... )

When I write line 1, I get the following deprecation warning: The method customEndpoints() from the type Client is deprecated

The changelog ( makes no mention of this deprecation.

Can someone confirm the correct way to invoke a custom endpoint in Android?

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hey that deprecated method still works, however there are variations using Generics to allow for custom GenericJson classes for input and output.

Assuming you have two GenericJson classes, on is `MyRequestClass` and one is `MyResponseClass`:

AsyncCustomEndpoints endpoints = getClient().customEndpoints(MyResponseClass.class);

Then, when it's time to invoke, call:

endpoints.callEndpoint("doit", new MyRequestClass(), new KinveyListCallback() {


public void onSuccess(MyResponseClass[] result) {

if (result == null){

results.setText("nope, got null back!");


results.setText(result[0].toString()) ;




public void onFailure(Throwable error) {

results.setText("Uh oh -> " + error);



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