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Adding Kinvey Ref in BL

I have a situation where, I get a list of users trough request, I need to insert them in one my entities in my collection.

I am trying this, line of code, however, I do not see this user added to the list.


where results[0] is an entity found from a collection, inviteeList is collection of Kinvey Ref to Kinvey Users.

Thank you

Are you re-saving the results back to the database?
Looks like it is adding the value to the list, however, when I refresh the data browser, it doesn't appear to be in the list. Not sure why ?
Can you log results[0] before and after the push and paste in the results?

Can you provide some more of the code surrounding this particular line?

I have a column in my collection which contains list of users (Kinvey Ref's). So whenever a user gets invited to view a user profile, I am trying to add the invited user to the list of users column in my collection.

Hope that is little bit more clear.
Hi Harish,

Can you provide a little more context and paste more of the code? I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do here.


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