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why can't I execute my find() lookup when I have a record in the collection.

Below is my code. When executed on empty table i see "3" & "4" in console but when executed after collection is populated I never see "4" (not even an error is populated). my collection is set to private with ACL of r/w for both userId1 & userId2. Where is the problem here? This used to work at one point.'3');

var userId1 = request.body.user;

var userId2 = request.body.owner;

var query = {};

query["$or"] = new Array();

query["$or"].push({user: userId1, owner: userId2});

query["$or"].push({user: userId2, owner: userId1});

modules.collectionAccess.collection('user-relationships').find(query, function(err, doc) {'4');


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Can you provide the entire BL function?
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