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[BUG REPORT] kinvey command line tool does not accept '--app' argument

I downloaded the latest version (0.1.2) of the kinvey CLI tool from here:

When I try to initialize my app by specifying "kinvey init --app APPNAME [other options]" it prints:

kinvey: error: unrecognized arguments: --app

This is somewhat inconvenient because I am trying to do this non-interactively so I want to specify all the arguments on the command line instead of requiring the user to enter stuff through stdin.

Also, the latest version of the script (0.1.2) still reports the version as 0.1.1 when running "kinvey -v" :)

Thanks for the heads up Jason! I'm working on a fix now, and will let you know once it's deployed.
Alright, the fix is going out right now (it might take up to one hour for the cache to clear, so check back if you don't see version 0.1.3).

Here's a link to the download page:
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