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Disable User Discovery/Lookup

For our HIPAA-compliant application, users should not be able to discover other users, except by using their randomly generated sharing key, a behavior we plan to implement in Business Logic.

How do we disable all other forms of user discovery, like first/last name lookup? Should we manually write Business Logic for "before User fetch", or is there a setting we can change?

We are planning to add a setting which disables user discovery. After releasing it, user discovery will be disabled by default for new apps, and can be turned off for existing ones.

Is there any plan to implement this still?

Hi David,

I believe this might be available now.

As you are a paying customer of Kinvey, you have access to Kinvey support portal. Can you open up a support ticket for this so that  we can discuss this in detail?



Kinvey Support

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