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Console Reporting Beyond Limit of Scheduled Code

The Console is reporting that I am at my limit for the new Scheduled Business Logic beta, but I haven't tried to configure any yet. Console shows that I do not have any schedules in the list at the left. The message I get is:

"You are currently at your limit for Scheduled Code, to get more please upgrade your plan."

I am currently Individual/Starter subscriptionlevel, but the pricing page indicates I should be able to implement one?

Hey Jack, that doesn't sound right at all. We made some changes today-- are you still seeing this error?
Hi Caroline, I just checked, and made sure to log out and back in and still seeing the same message.
Hey Jack- Figured it out! The plan on your backend is the legacy plan, that's why there's no Scheduled Code. You can switch it over to the Starter plan in your billing options:
@Caroline to follow up on your last answer here, does this mean that legacy plans don't have access to scheduled code at all? We're on a paid legacy plan, so switching to a new plan would be non-trivial for us.
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