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Where does modules.logger output go?

Total newbie question: I'm working through some of the on-line docs and examples, and I set up a custom end-point with the simple logger from the Business Logic guide:

function onRequest(request, response, modules){ + " has " + request.body.eyes + " eyes.");

response.body = {"status":"complete"};



This works and I get back the status:complete message in my app (using the REST API) ... but where does the log output go? I can't see it anywhere on the web-UI.

never mind ... you have to close the "newbie screen" at the top (blue background) or else you can't see the "Logs" drop-down menu.
*look at the bottom-left of the Custom Endpoints editor*

It seems obvious when you've found it, but it took me ages to find this too. ... it's at the bottom-left of the "Custom Endpoints" editor screen. There's the word "logs" with a down arrow - click that and the log panel jumps up.

Hope this shortens someone else's hunt in the future!
I'll bring this to the attention of the console team, sounds like a fixable issue.
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