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Where does modules.logger output go?

Total newbie question: I'm working through some of the on-line docs and examples, and I set up a custom end-point with the simple logger from the Business Logic guide:

function onRequest(request, response, modules){ + " has " + request.body.eyes + " eyes.");

response.body = {"status":"complete"};



This works and I get back the status:complete message in my app (using the REST API) ... but where does the log output go? I can't see it anywhere on the web-UI.

I'll bring this to the attention of the console team, sounds like a fixable issue.
*look at the bottom-left of the Custom Endpoints editor*

It seems obvious when you've found it, but it took me ages to find this too. ... it's at the bottom-left of the "Custom Endpoints" editor screen. There's the word "logs" with a down arrow - click that and the log panel jumps up.

Hope this shortens someone else's hunt in the future!
never mind ... you have to close the "newbie screen" at the top (blue background) or else you can't see the "Logs" drop-down menu.
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