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Limits on scheduled business logic frequency

I understand i can have up to 3 scheduled scripts running simultaneously and each script can run for up to two seconds. Is that correct?

For clarification, can I start a new script immediately after one script is finished executing? for example, in theory, can I have 6 scripts run in a period of 4 seconds? (3 scripts for the first two seconds and then again the same three scripts for the following 2 seconds) or is there a required waiting period between script execution? If so, how long is the required waiting period?

You can run as many scripts (BL or scheduled) in parallel as your plan allows. The 2 second timeout applied to each script execution and independent of script executions you have running at the time. Also those 2 second timeouts only apply to the Free and Indie plans, Business Edition and Enterprise have much higher timeouts.
Thank you. For clarification, i'm interested in the maximum scheduling frequency. For example, can I schedule job A to run every 2.5 seconds? Or is there a minimum interval required for how often the same script can run?
You'll be able to use 5-, 10-, 30-minute intervals, in addition to our current hourly, daily, and weekly. We're implementing the "advanced" section of the Scheduled Code now, so that should be available shortly.
If there's a need on your side to have more frequent intervals, shoot us a line at and we can discuss the use case.
Cool, thank you! Will the Starter and Indie plans have access to the new 5, 10, 30 minute intervals?
Yes indeed. If you check in the console now you should see the updated implementation.
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