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Do custom endpoints only support POST requests?

I'm trying to integrate with a third party API that makes GET requests, but it looks like you can only POST to a custom endpoint.

Yes that is correct custom endpoints were designed to provide RPC like functionality.

However I've seen a few cases where it might make sense to support GET and have filled a ticket from other user's feedback. Can you elaborate on your use case? Why does a POST not work?
I'm trying to integrate with a third party API that uses a Pub/Sub model for their real-time API, so I planned on creating a custom endpoint in Kinvey, and I was just going to use the custom endpoing URL as the callback that you pass to the API to subscribe, but the API requires that the callback support both GET and POST, since it uses GET to verify that the url is valid.
Thank you for providing more detail on that. I certainly understand from you message what the technical challenge is but I'm having difficulty understanding the application use case you are attempting to enable here.

I can suggest others ways to accomplish this with more context. For example you can use an empty collection and add a collection hook to it's pre-fetch method and call response.complete(). This is a clever trick I've seen done in many other places.
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