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Custom endpoint logger cannot handle objects with keys that begin with a '$' (dollar sign)

It seems that the logger module for custom endpoints cannot handle objects that contains keys that start with a dollar sign. I was trying to debug a geoloc query that I was passing in as part of the request to a custom endpoint, but every time I would try to print the request body with the logger nothing would show up in the log - no entry in the log at all. I thought there was a problem with the way I was using the Android API to craft and send the query (and wasted many hours "debugging" my Android code) but it turned out that the logger just wasn't logging any object that contains a key that begins with a dollar sign. It would be great if someone at Kinvey could fix this or at least document it.

Thanks Erik, we'll add that to the documentation.
Hey Erik, Thanks for posting. We'll look into this and fix/document as appropriate.
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