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Getting started with Google App Engine - newbie questions

1. It looks like I have about 30 seconds for my BL to run in App Engine before a 550 error is returned. Does that sound about right? My account currently only gives me 2 seconds for the regular BL.

2. How do I use push notifications as part of my GAE? Do I need to implement UrbanAirship directly in my code?

3. Is there a way to test GAE scripts locally rather than having to upload to GAE? It takes around 45seconds each time I make a code change when using gradle. There's a lot of POST header information needed to run the script locally.

4. Can I get native access to the mongo collection and functions or do I need to go through Kinvey? Seeing as some functions are available in mongodb but not in the Kinvey wrapper.

5. Testing out the python sdk on github, nice and simple access to the REST API but would be nice to have a full blown sdk.
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1. That's correct.

2. Yes, you do need to implement UA in your code. GAE was intended to augment, not replace, Kinvey internal BL for functions that may require a bit more processing and functionality specific to GAE or Java/Python.

3. App Engine provides local testing tools for whatever language. For example, for python:

4. Mongo collection access is being deprecated in GAE. If you need access to the datastore, you can a) Invoke a custom endpoint, b) Make a REST request directly to Kinvey, or c) use the Kinvey Java library to access data

5. We don't have plans at the moment for a python sdk.
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