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Download URL from a custom endpoint

How do I get file information from a custom endpoint? I tried both a 'file' and 'files' collection, queried by _id, but neither returned any results.

Hey Michael,

Sorry for the delay in response- we're working on this and I'll let you know when we have an answer.
Hello, Any update on this? I m looking for a way to save a png (i have the content string) from a custom end point to a file ... Anyway to do that?
There are no APIs for uploading a file within a custom endpoint. However, you can make a request from the endpoint using the request module and following the procedure outlined in our [REST API Files Guide]( "REST API Files Guide").

In general, doing this is not a great idea, as uploading a file may take longer than the time limit allotted for BL. Is there a reason you need to do this in BL rather than in a separate request before or after the custom endpoint is called?
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