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Deploy a single BL script


Is it possible to deploy a single business logic script? Currently when I do a 'kinvey deploy' it will deploy all business logic files which becomes difficult to manage/debug when I'm working in a team that exceeds 1-2 people as it's common to overwrite other's changes that they're working on.


Brice Mason
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It's currently not possible to deploy a single business logic script. In general, we've found that can cause more problems than it solves. It makes it very difficult to understand the state of the code in your app backend, since it could have partial changes from any number of sources.

We usually recommend that you manage this process through some kind of version control workflow within your team, combined with environments. For example, you could create a git branch for the feature you are working on, and an environment just for that feature branch. I'd also suggest making sure you sync your code via version control before deploying to any shared environments. That way, you would avoid clobbering anyone else's changes.

That said, if the above suggestions don't work for you, I'd love to hear why and figure out a better approach.
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