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Endpoint without authorization credentials

What is the best approach to create an endpoint that doesn't have an authorisation requirement?

I am building a callback that needs an endpoint on the web that stores some data..... Do I have to host that somewhere and call Kinvey via an authorized API - or can I go straight to a new endpoint? (in testing, seems I can't)

Hi A B, I'm not sure I follow you. What is the use case for calling the endpoint without any kind of authorization? Can a user be set up to authenticate against the endpoint?
Hi Michael

e.g. this plugin (background geolocation updater)

On IOS I can callback to javascript (on the device) so that is fine

On Android I have to callback to a publicly hosted file somewhere

bgGeo.configure(callbackFn, failureFn, {

url: '', //
params: { // HTTP POST params sent to your server when persisting locations.

auth_token: 'user_secret_auth_token',

foo: 'bar'


desiredAccuracy: 10,

stationaryRadius: 20,

distanceFilter: 30,

debug: true //

Hence my options are

a) Host a script somewhere, in that script have some saved credentials and then call a regular endpoint (e.g via Rest API) using the credentials I have stored in that script....

b) Try to work out how to get that callback to work with Kinvey credentials (actually may be possible, not tried this yet!)

c) Have an endpoint that doesn't require credentials !

I was just going to send through the user._id and location to the callback and log a location..... its throwaway data so not a problem if someone could 'fake' someones location by finding this URL and submitting something.....

Not sure you wanted my full use case...... but there you are :)

Ideally I don't really want (as per option a) to host a file somewhere else.... much prefer to go from device to kinvey without anything else involved.

This would be a nice to have - not critical - and workarounds exist.... just wondering if I was missing something obvious (before I spend time coding around it!)

What about implementing an intent-filter to handle a URI scheme, have your app intercept that intent, and then have the intent launch an activity that writes the data to Kinvey?
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