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Need help asap: The script was terminated due to timing constraints: took more than 2000ms

Hey Kinvey support (apologies for yet another urgent one.. just having issues when this is live and people are using it now).

When someone signs up for an account, and go to the payment form (which utilises Stripe to do the processing) and obviously kinvey to store plan and user data etc. with keep getting the same error:

POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

"debug: "The script was terminated due to timing constraints: took more than 2000ms to complete. Did you forget to call response.complete() or response.continue()?"

description: "The Business Logic script did not complete. Please contact support"

error: "BLTimeoutError"

In addition, under Timing in the dev console it has 2.96 seconds. I am assuming here we will need to extend the timing from 2,000ms to 5,000 ms for example.. ?

We have tried on three different computers all in Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc. in different locations and had no success.

As a result of this error, it doesn't mark new people that singup as 'Approved', therefore they're blocked from signing it...

Do you have any suggestions for us?

Thanks we really appretiate the help.

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Unfortunately there is no mechanism for us changing the BL timeout, it's build into our pricing structure. Typically the solution is to optimize the business logic in order to complete within the 2 second timeout limit. Perhaps you could tell me a bit more about what the BL is doing and we can find a way to optimize.

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