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Call Custom Endpoint BL from PHP

I have a custom endpoint function to send push notification to ios/android and I was able to call it from backendpush component (I develop an app using Delphi XE6), but now I want to call that custom endpoint function from PHP, is there any tutorial to make it happen?

the reason to call the custom endpoint function is, I want to send push notification reminder to specific user regularly which generated by PHP cron job and call my custom endpoint function to deliver notification for certain user.

is there any solution for this? any help is appreciated

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Hi Kliklabs, I'm so sorry about the delay on this.

Have you checked out the feature we have called Scheduled Code? That lets you set up a schedule for your endpoints, and may provide the functionality you are looking for.

In the new console, navigate to the app, then go to your Business Logic endpoint. In the top right you will see a button that says Schedule, which allows you to select when you would like to run the script.
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