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Are kinvey push notifications not working as of 11/30?

Push notifications were working fine as of 11/29 and on 11/30 they stopped working completely. I get the 202 in the push console and i can see my collection hooks being executed but I'm not getting any push notifications. Not sure if anything changed on Kinvey's side that would cause this. Any help would be much appreciated.


Push notifications are confirmed as working as recently as 9am this morning, we've had no other users of our platform comment on an outage. Was there any change to your codebase that may have invalidated your push? If so would you be able to share me a snippit of that? Thanks,

Thank you for the quick turnaround. The issue was that I was not using the production certificates for ad hoc deployments of the app. However, there is now an issue with uploading the new certificate in the kinvey console so I cant do any production push notifications.
@arizqi‌ : That may have been a temporary outage of our platform, or an issue surrounding the specific key you tried to upload (perhaps there was an error in downloading / uploading to our platform) Can you try redownloading / reuploading your key? When you upload the key to kinvey, please check the chrome / safari developer console (under network) to see if you get a 2xx return or another type.

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