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Modifying S3 objects or any AWS service

I'm trying to append some data to an S3 object, a text file, am I correct in assuming that I can not do this with the free version?

We are saving app data into kinvey, when a user clicks make public, we want to push that data to AWS to store the data so that it is then pulled directly from AWS instead of Kinvey.

Hey there,

We don't support this in free versions of Kinvey, but it's possible that there may be a workaround in place. Can you help me better understand your use case here?

It also bears mentioning that we do not use S3.
Hi Damien - so what we'd like to do is create some business logic that when a user clicks publish the data we have in the kinvy db gets translated into the format we want, then gets appended to an S3 txt file so that instead of serving that data via kinvey db it pulls it through Cloudfront via the S3 origin.
Hey there,

I wanted to follow back up on this and inform you of a few things:

1. We don't use S3, so cloudfront is going to be off the table no matter what. Other options for CDN exist there with minimal effort (cloudflare for example). These will handle object caching / geo distribution for you automatically without you needing to refactor your code.

2. The files are already served off of Google cloud storage, which is also CDN supported.

Am I misunderstanding something here or is there another need that I'm not understanding?


This answer indicates the opposite

SO is it or is it not possible to pass data from Kinvey to Amazon S3 via Kinvey's Business Logic?


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