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geoNear: How should I setup a collection to use geoNear method on it?

I haven't found examples on how to use geoNear on Kinvey, so I am making some test and I always end up having null as result.

[Kinvey reference]( "Kinvey reference") says that the parameters for the function are:

geoNear(x, y, options, callback)

[MongoDB ]( "MongoDB reference") says the same and shows an example.

In the example some documents are added to a collection:

{a:1, loc:[50, 30]}

{a:1, loc:[30, 50]}

and then geoNear is called with this syntax:

collection.geoNear(50, 50, {query:{a:1}, num:1}, function(err, docs) { ... });

On my Kinvey BL test I created a collection, with some documents like:

{_id:54e7448fd2c14b30080025f2, a:1, loc:[50, 30]}

{_id:54e7448fd2c14b30080025f3, a:1, loc:[30, 50]}

and I try to run the geoNear method in the same way:

modules.collectionAccess.collection("geotest").geoNear(50, 50, {query:{a:1}, num:1}, function(err, docs) { ... });

but as written earlier, I get a null result.

One thing I understood is that, in order to use geoNear, I need to add a location based index, is that right? In MongoDB documentation that's what is happening, before to create the docs, the collection index is set with:

collection.ensureIndex({loc:"2d"}, function(err, result) { ... });

Is that my problem? And if it is, how do I recreate it in Kinvey?


I'm glad you were able to find this one on your own, please feel free to reach out if you get stuck in the future.

Okkeyyyyy, the answer was easier than I thought, I have been trying for 1h before without finding it, now I found it immediately, I just had to look somewhere else.

On the [Kinvey Location guide]( "Kinvey Location guide") is written "With Kinvey all you need to do to your object is add a field with name _geoloc with a [lon,lat] value."

And so it is. I changed those documents into:

{_id:54e7448fd2c14b30080025f2, a:1, _geoloc:[50, 30]}

{_id:54e7448fd2c14b30080025f3, a:1, _geoloc:[30, 50]}

And now it's working fine.

I hope this could be helpful for somebody else in the future ;)
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