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Upload Speed

I am trying to store about 1900 objects that contain a few strings and some numbers and it takes about 4 minutes. I am looping an appdata.saveBlocking(object).execute() and I am unsure if there is a way to do all the objects at once. This is only a snippit of the overall data and so the store time needs to be reduced in order to store all the objects in a timely fashion.

Hi @jamescurro‌

If you have the data already in JSON or CSV format you can perform a bulk upload via the console. Go to your collection in 'Data Sources' and the option to initiate an import is in 'Settings'
Pete, thank you for getting back to me that makes sense. My concern with that process is I will be updating our database daily, because of this I would like to script it as opposed to entering manually through the website (especially since I would want this to upload at midnight every night).

Thanks again!

Hi @jamescurro‌

There's currently no way to automate a bulk upload, the best way for you to achieve this is with a script that will perform the upload using the REST API, or whatever library you feel most comfortable with. This should be relatively simple to achieve.
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