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Welcome to the New & Improved Community Forums!

Our Community Forum update was completed successfully today! We've managed to migrate all the old accounts and posts over to the new platform; however, we couldn't migrate your password due to security concerns.

In order to log in again, you'll need to reset your password [here]( "here"). If you're having difficulty logging in, drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do to help.

We're excited to see how the forum enhancements help to improve our community and produce better, clearer, and faster responses. Some of the new features you'll notice when you log in include:

* Better code recognition and display

* Ability to edit your own posts

* Person-to-person messaging for sensitive data/info

* Improved upvoting/reactions to posts

* Fine-grained email alerts

* Ability to choose between a “question” and a “discussion” for your posts

* Ability to bookmark posts you want to review later

* Ability to accept answers to your questions to show they are resolved

* Badges, roles, and improved privileges

I'm looking forward to working alongside everyone to make this community great!
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