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###_How do I post code?_
Posting code on the new forums is easy, and uses [Markdown]( "Markdown"). You can surround your code block with three backticks (`), or indent four spaces. Most code is recognized pretty readily. If you're unsure, you can always hit "Preview" to check.

```This is my code block! ```

###_What are the escapable characters?_
Again we'll point to [Markdown]( "Markdown"). The basic Markdown spec covers a lot of what to expect when posting on the forum, we recommend familiarizing yourself with it.

###_How do I subscribe to email notifications?_
You have fine-grained control over email notifications in your profile settings. On your profile page, hit edit, then select "Notification settings" in the navigation menu on the right. There, you should be able to select what emails or pop-ups you'd like to receive.

###_What should I expect for response times?
We aspire to answer questions as quickly as we can, and our client services team reads every single question and works with our engineering team to find the right resource to get questions resolved. Every single week we go over all unanswered or unresolved questions, our goal is to help you succeed using our platform.

###_What if I have sensitive information that I don't want to post publicly?_
You should post the general nature of your inquiry, and a Kinvey Employee will PM you to get the sensitive details. You know Kinvey Employees by their Kinvey badges, and the fact that they are the Admins and Moderators of the forums.

###_What should I do with bug reports?_
If you think you've found a bug, you should first check out the documentation to ensure it's something outside of the expected behavior. Then, feel free to post in the appropriate category, perhaps as a discussion topic instead of a question.

###_How do you decide priority?_
We actually love having your input on this. The more we know a feature is desired, the more sense it makes for us to get it on the roadmap. We encourage you to participate in the Feature Requests forum and vote on features you'd like to see.

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