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Kinvey's New Console

To our Kinvey Community,

Over the weekend, we moved the new version of our console out of beta and deployed it across the board for our customers. The new console is a big improvement over the old one, and we look forward to working with all our users to ensure that we deliver the same functionality as the old console and then some.

There may be some kinks to work out. We invite you to help us find those problem areas by posting issues you come across here on the forum under our [Web Console]( "Web Console") category. Our console team is hard at work monitoring and gathering feedback.

Big changes you’ll notice:

* Cloning Environments. You’ll notice that there are no cloning or Promote Changes options in the new UI. Fear not - that functionality isn’t going away. Instead, we are working on a big improvement: a powerful CLI tool that will take the place of the web based cloning and promoting changes workflow. It will allow you to version control your entire backend configuration, support a variety of team-based developer workflows, and manage multiple environments with ease.

If you are experiencing trouble with any of these known issues or find others, you can use the [Legacy Console]( "Legacy Console") at any time. We will be sunsetting the Legacy console within the next several weeks, so we encourage you to migrate to the new console whenever possible.

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