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Failure: SocialError PayItForward-Browser facebook login sample app

Failure: SocialError

I am getting

when implemented every step at your sample app:

I inserted it live on VPS and changed facebook app domain...


onPreSave - test getting:  

201 SUCCESS -- { "_acl": { "creator": "jjjjjjjj" }, "_kmd": { "lmt": "2015-03-29T16:47:34.838Z", "ect": "2015-03-29T16:47:34.838Z" }, "_id": "jjjjjjjj" }

lse:  I don't see anything about about how to recreate this error, only a successful save of an object?


any hint... about Facebook App settings... exist many f app settings in f dev but not know what required?

Lse:  I don't understand the problem or the error that you're getting.   The onpresave BL you showed shows success.   I can't give you hints if I don't know what is wrong or what you're expecting.


try here

I suspect facebook settings should be error...

LSE:  That page won't load for me, it seems as though the DNS won't resolve for me here in the USA.


try this:

Still getting a dns lookup failure, unfortunately.   this opens?

Nope, not from the US, unfortunately.

please note i checked with Provider Hosting in USA - of my VPS in Europe - and other people I know in USA and can access this... Can you retry...

It's really strange, I can't resolve the http request from work but I can from home, there must be some host-blocking happening somewhere.

I was able to view the page and see the failure, could you make a repo with your code and We will review it shortly?


OK, i will put it in as private repo - what is your email to share it... ?

Also what to exclude from repo if any...?

May Facebook app settings in have problem?

Lse:  I don't use bitbucket, but is the best way to reach me.  


use it web based - i gave access 

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