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Get data from previous request if cache policy is set as KCSCachePolicyLocalFirst.

I want to get data from cache if I performed request with same query parameters before. And I tried loading data with different query parameters. But if I use KCSCachePolicyLocalFirst in method queryWithQuery:withCompletionBlock:withProgressBlock:cachePolicy: I will get result from previous request with other query parameters.

I am providing class file that I am using.

For example:

1. Perform request:

[[DataHelper instance] loadQuotesUseCache:YES containtSubstinrg:@"Q445" OnSuccess:... onFailure:...];

2. Receive the correct result from Quotes collection.

3. Perform request:

[[DataHelper instance] loadQuotesUseCache:YES containtSubstinrg:@"Q524" OnSuccess:... onFailure:...];

4. Result is equal to the result from step 2 from cache (result corresponds to condition from step 1).

Expected result: In step 4 I receive new data, and this new result corresponds to @"Q524" condition.

PS. If I repeat request from step 3, I will get correct data.

5. Perform request:

[[DataHelper instance] loadQuotesUseCache:YES containtSubstinrg:@"Q524" OnSuccess:... onFailure:...];

6. Receive the correct result from Quotes collection.

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Good afternoon Pavel,

Apologies for the tremendously slow follow up on this one.  This issue proved to be considerably more complex than initially thought, and it was blocked by a variety of other issues that arose.   We have pushed out a fix to this which should be live at this time.   Thank you again for your report.

Enjoy your evening,


We have added this to our next sprint.  You should be hearing about our progress on this in the next week or two.


I will wait yours result.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Pavel,

Let me take a look at this and see if we can reproduce this on our end using your code.


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