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Data management speed


I'm using the console to add/update data. I'm using Chrome and the console is very slow. If I don't wait few seconds after adding a value and before pressing enter, the value is not saved.

Is it a known behaviour ?

Thank you.

That doesn't sound like it's the intended behavior,

Can you produce either a video or a series of screenshots demonstrating this behavior so I can pass it along to the team that curates that functionality?   



I have found that the "TAB" keyboard button seems to be the problem.

This is a video where I try to update the phone number to "99" :

In addition, there is a lack of loading animations :

I have removed a lot of


values in the json. It seems to help a lot !


The databrowser became more performant without the additional data to display?  Once you removed those null values were you able to update using tab as you had anticipated?


With only 10 columns displayed, it was also slow (with the null values).

The "tab" problem still occurs without the null values.

Thanks for the information, I'll open a bug report based off of this.

I'll update this thread as I know more.

Thank you !

This is an example of copy/past speed :


This is something we've been looking into, we've been backlogged on our console tickets, but this is something we plan to address when we begin releasing more for our console.


That's fine, it's just an example ;)


After a long delay, we have pushed out a fix that we believe should address most of the performance issues you were seeing. 

Let me know.

Hi Damien,

I'm sorry but I can't see any difference ...

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