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Kinvey Titanium Facebook and KINVEY_DEBUG


I am trying to login with Facebook to my app, but the success of error callbacks are not being fired. If I try to load the app without facebook installed, I get sent to the Facebook site, my app gets verified and then safari gives me an error (I guess it needs to open the app again). 

If the Facebook app is installed, I get the native iOS alert asking to auth with Facebook but then when I press OK, nothing gets outputted in the console. This is my code (before this is called, activeUser is null):


	var promise = Kinvey.Social.connect(null, 'facebook', {
	    appId   : '173691602736396',
	    success: function(response) {
	        console.log('Facebook success', response);
	    error: function(response) {
	    	console.log('facebook error', response);


Also I have tried to put KINVEY_DEBUG = true in my kinvey.js file, but no extra debug is output

Any help would be appreciated


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How did you solve this issue? I am facing the same issue with Facebook login in Titanium.

Is that something wrong from the client side or the server side?



I began talking to the guys at Kinvey, but I'm yet to hear from them, it's been over a month now... :(

Try with SDK 4.0.0RC4 and Facebook version 4. 

With 3.5.1.GA, Kinvey Facebook doesn't work.


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