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offline data synchronization as REST

Is possible to have automatic data synchronization as one external program as one builded as embarcadero delphi? I need something as this: . Is this possible as embarcadero Delphi? Embarcadero Delphi have one component for to integrate as Kinvey as this link show : 

I need to synchronizate data when the device have internet, but when the device not have internet, the device save the data over one local database as sqlite, or maybe localstorage, or any other. 

Where i can to find documentation for to do this?


Edgar Mejia


We do not directly support offline caching or syncing in C++ or Delphi as that article outlines.   If they have found a way to do that with either of those languages, that's wonderful and it would be great if they would share it with us, but at present we don't have any support for this.


Hi Damien, thank you very much. I im working as one things as sqlite as Kinvey, but i i have only one tests. 


Edgar Mejia

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