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can't receive notification even device is linked


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and my user got this for token to device


"pushTokens": [


"token": "86333........",

"platform": "android"




that's my kinvey management console. but i am not receive any notification on my device. currently i use corona SDK. is it any special code for it?


Good morning,

Can you please give me a bit more information as to how you are pushing to this device?   Are you trying to push to just this device or multiple?   What version of the Kinvey SDK / What platform are you targeting?


sorry for late reply and thank you for the response

i use the kinvey console for sent push notification. i use from engagement tab. i don't use any condition, so all my user must receive i think.

i register the android device via rest api that kinvey had. i createUser, Login, registerDevice, unregisterDevice and logout function from restAPI kinvey. but i try it at my android device. i build the apk with corona SDK. all the process is with corona sdk calling the restAPI. all going so well, i can create, register and unregister device. but i can't receive the push notification that i sent from kinvey console.


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