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web console user other columns and data is missing

for the second time today when i open the user data in the web console their is no data except_acl _id _kmd _socialIdentity username

all other columns and data disappeared.

it happened before and came back .

and now it happened again 

Yes, but if I want add a value to a "line", I have to display several lines containing values for this column in order to display the column.

Fabreax:  you should be able to toggle them via the eye icon in the databrowser.  Let me know if this helps.  

I have the same problem of magic columns ... they appears and disappears !

and right now i can't access custom endpoints .

the screen shot : this message show to me when i try to access any custom endpoint from the web console .

what is happening ?


no their was 2400 user data like mobile numbers and emails and so on and they all disappeared what shall i do ?


The databrowser only shows the "columns" that are actively being written to and have data in them.  Therefore if you add or remove a single "column" from a single entry, it will impact the view in the databroswer.   You can toggle it as usual by using the eye icon at the top.


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