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Problems using Xamarin via Nuget

When I add the Kinvey android nuget it adds the Kinvey package as well.

The problem is that Resource.designer.cs has 1181 errors after adding the libraries.

Any suggestions?


Can you please re-ask your question here, as I'm not seeming to be able to resolve stackoverflow from the network I'm on at present.


Hello Harshad,

I just spoke with Ed about this and it does seem as though this issue is a bug in his code.  KinveyRef's will never be resolved on upload, so that is a bit of a flawed assumption.  The Xamarin library is lacking the ability to retrieve kinveyRef's as we are expecting it to.  This will be addressed in a future version of the SDK.


Hello Kinvey Team,

I want to update data in kinvey database. I used Rest API (PUT Method). but it is not working .
Same Authorization token in GET and POST method is working fine. Here is the Error :

  "error": "InsufficientCredentials",
  "description": "The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials",
  "debug": ""


Hello Damien,
I am refer this document in Kinvey Xamarin iOS Push Notification.


I checked latest `kinvey xamarin nuget package` but `.Push()` method is not available.

Please correct me.


Hi Harshad,

If I understand correctly, you have done the following installation step according to the Xamarin iOS push guide:

nuget Install-Package Kinvey-iOS


And afterwards, you are using 




which should ideally work.

As there are different packages for Android and iOS (Kinvey-Android and Kinvey-iOS) and also a common framewor (Kinvey) available on page, can you confirm that you have the right package?



 Thanks Wani,

I found the solution.

KinveyXamariniOS.Push kinveyPush = new KinveyXamariniOS.Push(KinveyService.Instance);

it's working..

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