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Problems using Xamarin via Nuget

When I add the Kinvey android nuget it adds the Kinvey package as well.

The problem is that Resource.designer.cs has 1181 errors after adding the libraries.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for letting us know about this Harshad,

We will look into this shortly.


Hi Harshad,

If I understand correctly, you have done the following installation step according to the Xamarin iOS push guide:

nuget Install-Package Kinvey-iOS


And afterwards, you are using 




which should ideally work.

As there are different packages for Android and iOS (Kinvey-Android and Kinvey-iOS) and also a common framewor (Kinvey) available on page, can you confirm that you have the right package?




Can you please confirm the version of the Kinvey Xamarin library you're using and the version of iOS you're targeting?



Can you please re-ask your question here, as I'm not seeming to be able to resolve stackoverflow from the network I'm on at present.


Good morning Jason,

I spoke with our engineer that maintains the Xamarin library and it appears as though the latest version of Xamarin studio has broken a great deal of functionality that Kinvey offers.   The good news is that Ed is working tirelessly to get it up and running again.   We hope to have a new version pushed out by this time next week that addresses the issues that have cropped up.


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