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Problems using Xamarin via Nuget

When I add the Kinvey android nuget it adds the Kinvey package as well.

The problem is that Resource.designer.cs has 1181 errors after adding the libraries.

Any suggestions?

 Thanks Wani,

I found the solution.

KinveyXamariniOS.Push kinveyPush = new KinveyXamariniOS.Push(KinveyService.Instance);

it's working..

Hi Harshad,

If I understand correctly, you have done the following installation step according to the Xamarin iOS push guide:

nuget Install-Package Kinvey-iOS


And afterwards, you are using 




which should ideally work.

As there are different packages for Android and iOS (Kinvey-Android and Kinvey-iOS) and also a common framewor (Kinvey) available on page, can you confirm that you have the right package?



Hello Damien,
I am refer this document in Kinvey Xamarin iOS Push Notification.


I checked latest `kinvey xamarin nuget package` but `.Push()` method is not available.

Please correct me.


Hello Kinvey Team,

I want to update data in kinvey database. I used Rest API (PUT Method). but it is not working .
Same Authorization token in GET and POST method is working fine. Here is the Error :

  "error": "InsufficientCredentials",
  "description": "The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials",
  "debug": ""


Hello Harshad,

I just spoke with Ed about this and it does seem as though this issue is a bug in his code.  KinveyRef's will never be resolved on upload, so that is a bit of a flawed assumption.  The Xamarin library is lacking the ability to retrieve kinveyRef's as we are expecting it to.  This will be addressed in a future version of the SDK.



Can you please re-ask your question here, as I'm not seeming to be able to resolve stackoverflow from the network I'm on at present.


Please refer this link  Xamarin with Kinvey database

I have ask my issue in stack overflow. please help me


The gentleman that posted on that thread ("Ed The Third") is our Engineer Edward, the owner of the Xamarin library.   I mentioned this issue to him earlier today and through some rubber duck debugging he managed to think out the issue.

Let us know if you run into anything else!


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Refer this link  : Kinvey Xamarin iOS
It's working fine.



I'm also facing the same issue. I checked version 1.5.1, 1.5.2 and 1.5.3, but no success till now.

Xamarin Stuido version is 5.9.5 (Enterprise Edition) and iOS 8.4 targeting version of device.

I'm trying below code

private Client myClient;
myClient = new Client.Builder ("kid_PeYFqjBcBJ","3fee066a01784e2ab32a255151ff761b").build ();
        await myClient.User ().LoginAsync ();



(211 KB)


Can you please confirm the version of the Kinvey Xamarin library you're using and the version of iOS you're targeting?


Thanks for letting us know about this Harshad,

We will look into this shortly.


Error : Unable to find a constructor to use for type KinveyXamarin.KinveyAuthResponse. A class should either have a default constructor, one constructor with arguments or a constructor marked with the JsonConstructor attribute. Path 'username', line 1, position 12. On iOS device (iOS simulator works)


Thanks for letting us know Jason, 

We are looking into it now.   Can you confirm which version of Xamarin studio you're using and which platform you're targeting?


I tried again and was still receiving errors.

Verified that Kinvey 1.4.0 and Kinvey-Android 1.4.0 were installed.

I just created a new Android project. Installed the Kinvey libraries and there are 1243 errors in the Resource.designer.cs file.

Tried to clean project and build but had the same results.

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