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Relational Data

I'm new for iOS development, objective C and Kinvey itself, so looks like I miss something simply. But anyway, any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to implement the sample solution from the tutorial on the guides page:

First problem that I encountered is that there is no allocation done for invitation set so at the moment of save it doesn't contain any item.

I've allocated it with [[NSMutableSet alloc] init] and then I failed because it defined with "copy" property accessor.

I changed it to "retain", succeeded with allocation and added the item with addObject, but then when I try to save to event object I recieve error 400 "The request body is either missing or incomplete."

And at the moment I have no idea where is it coming from and what can I do with this error...

Any ideas or directions?

Thans a lot ahead..

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Can you please post a snippit of your source code so that we can take a look at where the error might be?


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