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Push Triggers stopped working | Console Push works


I have developed a social iOS app with standard Like and Comment activities.

Push triggers (BL Scripts) were working as expected and iOS users got push notifications until a couple of days ago.

At the moment Users do not receive any push when triggered from Business Logic scripts. They DO receive if sent from console.

Issue seems similar to this one.

Any ideas?



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I just started encountering this problem and unless I changed something and forgot about it, I am pretty certain that these BL scripts that were working fine yesterday were not changed.

After a lot of testing, it seems that if I don't finish the script with complete/continue/error and let a BL script timeout, the push will go through. I wrote a really simple script to send a push notification to everyone:

 function onRequest(request, response, modules) {

     var now = modules.moment();

     var message = "Custom Endpoint: " + now.unix();



 The above script executes fine but the push will not be sent. However, if I remove the response.complete(), the push will send correctly.

Thank you for posting this Gary, this is something that we hadn't considered before now that we are looking into as a possible cause for push not working properly.


Guys push notifications are not working AGAIN! This is turning to a charade! 

If you can’t ensure that push notification or business logic scripts can run properly on your platform for at least 5 days in row, then you should be transparent and warn people prior to signing up with your service that you are facing major stability issues. 

In the event a key component was not working at Parse or any other tech company that respects itself, everybody would be running to resolve this issue. It is 2015, you are offering a BaaS and you can’t guarantee to your clients that push notifications will not stop working! 

Most important of all, you have companies that decided to invest their resources on Kinvey by building products on it and you are completely unable to run a proper service.

Good afternoon Aris,


My sincere apologies for the challenges you've experienced recently with the Kinvey service -- I'm sure these challenges have been very frustrating.  We take the quality and reliability of our service extremely seriously and certainly never intend for any user to experience this degree of difficulty with our platform.  We're working hard to correct the issues you've experienced and appreciate your forbearance.


Given the challenges you've experienced, I want to make sure that you get unblocked as soon as possible.  Where (if) you are still experiencing issues (with push notifications or anything else), can you please send us a copy of the business logic and the device token you're targeting?  This will enable us to do some additional internal testing specifically on your use case to ensure that your code is working as intended.


Apologies again for the difficulties -- we remain committed to turning this around for you.

Hello Damien,

I sent you my business logic script with email.



Thanks Aris, will review it now.


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