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Location query with parameter $within

Hello, Today tried to run queries described in this page: I figured out that I get error when try to run query with parameter $within. I've created GooglePlace DLC and try to run query /appdata/kid_VTpS9qbe7q/restaurants/?query={"_geoloc":{"$within" : { "$box" : [[-70, 44], [-72, 42]] }} } in API Console. Response looks like this: { "error": "MissingRequestParameter", "description": "A required parameter is missing from the request", "debug": "Missing location!" } With another query from documentation query={"_geoloc" : { "$nearSphere" : [-71.05,42.35], "$maxDistance":"0.5" } } everything is ok. It returns correct data. It seems like something is wrong inside Kinvey. Also I'm using Phonegap Kinvey API and withinBox also doesn't work. What I did wrong? Please help me.
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This is working in the Rest API, but will not work with google places. At present with DLC's we only support Nearsphere. Our documentation will be updated to reflect this as soon as possible. Thanks,
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