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GET method but returns {"error":"BLTimeoutError","description":"The Business Logic script did not complete. Please contact support","debug":"The script was terminated due to timing constraints: took more than 2000ms to complete. Did you forget to call response.complete() or response.continue()?"}

Hasan: Every one of your BL scripts must end with either a response.complete() or a response.continue() without exception. Thus your business logic will never complete and will wait for longer than 2 seconds. The template when you create new business logic looks like this: function onPreSave(request, response, modules) { response.continue(); } Which contains the response.continue() as indicated. Please let me know if you have any other questions,
First of all this is not a POST method, I am requesting a GET method. If GET method triggers onPreSave, this is not logical. On the other hand, I tried your suggestion and result is the same. We are not allowed to change get method and i think there is a problem at a side that we can't see.
Yesterday, I could see data on tab, today I cannot see data there![]( "")
I've found the problem. This was onPostFetch. not returning response.continue or complete!
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