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why can't i manage my project from the

why can't i manage my project from the , and if i should use the new console , how could i access the custom endpoint and the app engine configuration

Elnaqah: We have deprecated the legacy console for all purposes except cloning. The methods in which we generate / handle data were outdated and trying to support two versions of the same interface was becoming difficult. As to your questions: 1. Custom endpoints are located in business logic and should appear under endpoints. 2. External BL settings appear under Business logic -> Settings Please let me know if you have any other questions, Thanks,
thanks but why the app secrete did change ?
is their a way to know who regenerated the app secrete ?
Elnaqah: Your app secret should not have changed, Please send me your kid in a private message and I will see if that's something we can check out for you. Thanks,
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