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AndroidStudio not recognizing the API

So I am using LIBGDX to make a game. I tried putting the API files from here in my Android libs folder. However when i do that and and try to import import;. It gives me an error. Probably doesn't recognize the library in my project.

Hey Edward, it worked wonders. However, when I try to initialize client, it gives me an error while calling this method this.getApplicationContext()).build(); Why is that? Thank you.
Hey, I just fired up Android Studio and see the latest version has another required step. After adding the jars to the /libs/ directory, right click on `kinvey-android-lib-x.x.x.jar` and select `Add As Library`. Make sure your Module is selected, and click `OK`. This will kick off a gradle sync, and when it finishes you should be able to `import;` and use the Client. Thanks for the report, I will add this step to the getting started guide!
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