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UserDiscovery().lookppByUserName() not responding....

Hi I am using UserDiscovery().lookupByUserName() and almost 95% of the times the call doesn't respond at all with neither of the KinveyUserListCallback onSuccess() or onFailure() callbacks getting called despite waiting endlessly. Is there a way to figure out what really is happening? Rest all calls to Kinvey using the same Kinvey client go fine. Thanks Pankaj

Good morning Pankaj, Can you take a look at our troubleshooting guide over here: and enable http debug logging and get back to us with the results? Thanks,
Thanks @Damien. I tried the user discovery today and there are no issues anymore. Seems like an intermittent issue. I will keep the debugging enabled and report back if I hit the issue again. Thanks Pankaj
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