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Business Logic exception

Hi Support, I am trying to run below code: getClient().CustomEndpoint().ExecuteCustomEndpoint("GetProducts", default(object), new KinveyDelegate() { onSuccess = (response) => { //endpoint executed, `response` is the result string entities1 = response.ToString(); }, onError = (error) => { string err = error.ToString(); //`error` contains information about the error that occured. } }); and below is the response from server :smile: incoming request body is not an [object Object]: [object Null] Business logic end point method on Kinvey is - This method execute fine on kinvey server. function onRequest(request, response, modules) { var req = modules.request; req.get('', function(error, resp, body){ if (error){ response.body = {error: error.message}; response.complete(400); return; } response.body = JSON.parse(body); response.complete(resp.status); }); }
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