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API Console still doen´t work


I have an test app using kinvey. I already posted a similar problem. The api console doens´t work. Have Others users this problem or only me? The message sent nevers goes to device.

It´s impossible test the app. I am searching for alternatives solution.

My business logic is:

function onRequest(request, response, modules) {

var iOSAps = request.body.iosaps;

var push = modules.push;

var iOSExtras = request.body.iosextras;

var androidPayload = request.body.androidpayload;

var androidmessage = androidPayload.message;

push.broadcastPayload(iOSAps, iOSExtras, androidPayload);

response.body = {"message": "sent:"+ androidmessage};

response.complete( 200 );


Here is the post request and response using kinkey api console.
POST /rpc/kid_-JAu4y8k1l/custom/MyEndPoint Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXX= X-Kinvey-API-Version: 3 Content-Type: application/json {"androidpayload": {"message": "You have a new Message1", "from": "Kinvey", "subject": "Welcome to BL1" }}


HTTP/1.1 200 SUCCESS Fri May 01 2015 09:14:03 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)

{ "message": "sent:You have a new Message1" }


As of roughly 2 hours ago, push via business logic should be working as intended.



Can you give us an update on this one?

Our AppStore launch is heavily dependant on Business logic scripts.



OK, Thanks


There is currently a bug that has been identified in Business logic that may be preventing this from working as intended.   We are looking into it and hope to have it addressed shortly (today or Monday).   I can't give a more exact timeline at this time.

Thank you,

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