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Push should now be working

If you continue to have errors beyond the time of this thread being created, please post here.



In another thread somebody suggest I change sendPayload to sendMessage to get it working. I did and now the pushes go to both Android and iOS.

Now my question is: how do I set the iOS badge count with sendMessage?



Push seem to work as expected but other scripts face major instabilities.

I have a Business Logic script that occasionally returns the following error.

Error loading: Error Domain=KinveyError Code=406 "Kinvey requires a JSON Object as response body" UserInfo=0x7f80e707dce0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Kinvey requires a JSON Object as response body, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Kinvey requires a JSON Object as response body}

  I have the impression that this error occurred for the first time when the instabilities with Push notifications started about two weeks ago.

I can't be sure that this is an error on my side since that script hasn't been changed lately.


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