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Assign custom Modelclass for Collection?


i want to use a custom Model for my Collection Class to base on, but how i can do this?
In the Docs there is
"By default, the model class of the Kinvey.Backbone.Collection is Kinvey.Backbone.Model."
But how i can change this?

I've tried something like this:


var M_EVENT = Backbone.Model.extend({
	url : 'events',
	foo : "bar"

_.extend(M_EVENT.prototype, Kinvey.Backbone.ModelMixin);

var C_EVENT = Backbone.Collection.extend({
	url : 'events',
	model : M_EVENT
_.extend(C_EVENT.prototype, Kinvey.Backbone.CollectionMixin); = new C_EVENT([]);


But that doesn't really work.

Any hint would be great. :)

Anyone on this? :(

Sorry about the slow reply Nico,

Let me ask someone about this.

Any new on this? :/ 


var M_EVENT = Backbone.Model.extend(
  _.extend({}, Kinvey.Backbone.ModelMixin, {
    url: 'events',
    foo: 'bar'  

var C_EVENT = Backbone.Collection.extend(
  _.extend({}, Kinvey.Backbone.CollectionMixin, {
    url: 'events',
    model: M_EVENT
); = new C_EVENT([]);


Have you tried something like this?

I'll try this!
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