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Notifications not working!!

I suddenly figured that notifications do not work in my app although they were working just fine before. SendPayload doesn't work but Send message does work, only when i try it with my development device and certificate.

Now the major problem is that notifications does not work in the production environment at all, and i can check that in test flight. I revoked the push certificate and want to upload the new one and it is not possible.

the app is running and has many users so i can't just create a new app to upload my new certificate. please find a solution to those issues in your system.

summary: 1. SendPayload doesn't work anymore although it did.

2. I want to upload a new push certificate but not able to, already deployed to production before.


When you push a certificate into production it is locked there forever.  This cannot be undone.  This is actually a limitation of UrbanAirship.  We mention that you cannot undo this change before you save the configuration.

If your app is not published in the app store, then production certs will not work properly for your app except for rare cases (depending on the signing authority)



I have seen where you say that it can't be changed but the problem is that the app was working with that file and now when the APN cert was regenerated we no longer are able to use the old environment which threatens the loss of all users and content. seems like a hard restrictions.

I mean the one would have to choose whether to remain in the old environment without push, or to go to the new empty one.

This lets me wonder again, is Kinvey made to be used by Great public apps, an "mBaaS", or is it just a startup things that you change when your app grow...


I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you mean in your last line, so let me explain what's happening, and why we can't fix it at this time.

When you save a development certificate to Kinvey, we upload that certificate from Kinvey to Urban Airship (our notification provider for push), and save it there with the settings that you provide to us.  Development certificates work with development applications, there is a setting in urban airship which tells it that your application is in development.   Once you need to send your app to the app store, you need production certificates.  This is a restriction by apple.  APNS has dev and prod servers, which have different ways of handling incoming connections.  As such Urban Airship makes it so that when you say "My App is In Production" you can no longer go back to a non-production state.   This is not something that Kinvey can override without violating the TOS of our notifications provider.   You can read more about this in Urban Airship's guide: .  There is a warning that appears before you agree to make your app production, and you agreed to it despite the warning telling you that the change cannot be undone.  Where this is not a setting that resides within our platform, I apologize but there is nothing that we can do to help you.


Damien, I do understand the whole deal, although the reserriction its self doesnt pay in favor of the app creator/devaloper is it thretens the loss of the backend at anytime. And to make things clearer, I and other people, are not trying to go to devalopment state, we just want to update the production certs nothing else, so our app can recive notifications because it is public already. Please consider this request which a lot of people are struggling with. Thanks.


Can you add as a collaborator to your application, and send your APNS production certificate to that email address so I can confirm this issue?


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