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Some part of KCSCachedStore query runs on main thread

This is very similar to the old thread

Some part of KCSCachedStore query runs on mainthread

Except that the issue crops back up when I set the cache policy to "KCSCachePolicy.LocalFirst" which is necessary to quickly load data.

It seems that the tests you posted to try to recreate this do not try this caching policy.

Thanks for taking a look at this!

Thanks for letting us know Diego, we'll take a look at that as soon as possible.

In the interim if you could provide a bit of sample code to reproduce this issue it would likely make this issue considerably easier to track down and handle on our end.


I simply changed the cache policy on one of the tests that you posted on the other thread. This should replicate the condition I am seeing.



We have released an update to the iOS library which should address this issue, that is available over here: .

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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