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Increase Push Notification Limit?

Not sure if your email is working because I emailed you guys at on the 25th and again on the 29th and haven't gotten a response. Anyways, this was my question:

It looks like you can pay for more active users and data storage and you can increase other things like BL scripts by upgrading to the "Indie Plan". However, there doesn't seem to be an option to increase the push notification amount unless you switch over to the business plans which I imagine is unfeasible for most people. Is increasing the push notification amount available? And if so, what are the prices?




My apologies that someone hasn't reached out to you personally, I'll have someone contact you.


Has someone contacted me yet? I have double checked my spam folder and there is nothing in there either. Thanks.


I think that I had made a mistake on this one and sent an email to someone that left for Vacation on Monday (I didn't check the vacation calendar) but they would be in charge of it since you're an existing customer, you should be getting an email today or on Monday.

Sorry about not setting the expectation better there.

Enjoy your evening,

Ok thanks

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