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ACL Problems


following scenario:

User a created a team with user b in it.

No i want, that user b can edit the teams name.

So, logged in with user b, i'm adding him as a Writer to the acl of the team-Model and save it. After the save i'm trying to change the name - without success.

"The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials";"

Shouldn't this work ?! If i trace my Model, the user is saved inside the "w" Object (which for sure stands for Writer i assume).

help would be great
(Using Backbone/Titanium)


var acl = sq.getAcl();
                var promise ={
                    foo : "bar"
                promise.then(function(response) {
                }, function(error) {



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Hey Nico,

Can you send me an email with a bit more scope on your code and the exact nature of the error that you're getting (specifically, can you give me more insight into the present state of the group that you're trying to edit)?  To my knowledge groups can only have their parameters, membership, etc. changed by their creators.  People with write ability can interact on a write basis with objects that the group ID is set in the ACL for. 


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